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Oku Hanako – "Garnet" – (Japanese) w/Subs & Translation
Oku Hanako – "Garnet" – (Japanese) w/Subs & T…
Posted 3 years ago

kotobadoori.blogspot.com **Be sure to select HQ and watch in High Quality !!** Japanese women know how to dress! This slideshow presents fashions popular in Tokyo this year to "Garnet" by…

Oku Hanako –
Italian Japanese Language School (Rahmens) – Subtitled
Italian Japanese Language School (Rahmens) – …
Posted 3 years ago

This a performance from the Japanese comedy group ラーメンズ (Rahmens), performing one of their many skits on Japanese language being taught by foreigners. This one is about the prefectures of…

Italian Japanese Language School (Rahmens) – …
ECTACO Partner 500 Series Language Translator Demo
ECTACO Partner 500 Series Language Translator…
Posted 3 years ago

Here is a short demo presentation on the new 500 series line from Ectaco! It's the most affordable budget series model with the greatest database of words to this date.…

ECTACO Partner 500 Series Language Translator…
Learn Japanese Counters for People: 10 Little Samurai!
Learn Japanese Counters for People: 10 Little…
Posted 3 years ago

More Japanese songs at www.GenkiJapan.net The first thing they ask when you go to a Japanese restaurant in Japan is "何名様?" - nan mei sama = how many people? Now…

Learn Japanese Counters for People: 10 Little…
Learn Japanese Greetings: How to Introduce Yourself in Japanese
Learn Japanese Greetings: How to Introduce Yo…
Posted 3 years ago

Learn how to introduce yourself in Japanese in this how to learn Japanese video from Howcast.

Learn Japanese Greetings: How to Introduce Yo…
Japanese 101 – Directions – Level One
Japanese 101 – Directions – Level One
Posted 3 years ago

Learn Japanese with The Travel Linguist. This is Japanese 101 - Directions - Level One.

Japanese 101 – Directions – Level One
[ Choucho ] 夕日坂Yuuhi Saka – English & Romaji
[ Choucho ] 夕日坂Yuuhi Saka – English & Romaji
Posted 3 years ago

Don't own anything!! [Vocals]: Choucho [Illust.]: ミハエル[Guitar / instrumental]: [TEST] [Mix]: Atsuhi Asada [Mp3]: www.mediafire.com [NND]: www.nicovideo.jp [English, Romaji & Japanese]: naruto44355 [Original vocal]: Hatsune Miku [Title translation]: Evening Sunhill

[ Choucho ] 夕日坂Yuuhi Saka – English & Romaji

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