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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for 2012

Valentine’s Day GiftImage

 Cute, Flirty, Romantic Outfit Ideas for Valentines Day and Dates

Fun, flirty, and romantic, these outfits are suitable for day and night dates with the special someone or with the girls! Hope you enjoy and make sure to layer according to climate! Perfect for warm weather, but definitely layerable and versatile for cold weather. All of these outfits (except the second to last outfit, the dress) would look great with black tights and black, fitted, knee-high boots. They would also all look nice with a trench coat or a blazer! Feel free to change up the colors for other occasions or if you just don’t want to jump on the bandwagon of pink and red  Cute, Flirty, Romantic Outfit Ideas for Valentines Day and Dates Outfit 1: Cardigan: Hollister Skirt: Charlotte Russe Outfit 2: Forever 21 Outfit 3: Forever 21 Outfit 4: Top: Charlotte Russe Sweater: Hollister Skirt: Forever 21 Outfit 5: Top: Forever 21 Skirt: Fashion Q Outfit 6: Dress: Fashion Q Shoes: cheap shoe store at the mall…

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